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Moroccotoptrips is a tour operator in Morocco that is specialized in organizing tours for travelers who want to visit Morocco. Our tour company is located in Casablanca the economic capital of the country, and we have been actively working with clients around the world since 1995. We offer a variety of excursion tours around Morocco to our clients, with immersion in the culture, tradition, and gastronomy of the country.

Our team has great experience in the field, most of them as born and raised in the touristic area of the country as well as their close interaction with tourists over the years.This has given them more knowledge about the needs of travelers and how to provide a high quality service to our clients.

The company pays great attention to customer orientation and practices an integrated approach to quality in all aspects of its work which means quality in everything, from the product offered on our website to the work provided by our employees in all departments of Moroccotoptrips. Thanks to this, the hallmark of Moroccotoptrips is the consistently high quality of the services provided.

Our mission in the tourism industry is to contribute as much as possible to the creation of a civilized tourist market, in which the client and operator have a strong relationship that is based on mutual confidence, trust, and respect. The main goal of the company is to make high-quality recreation available to all travelers who are booking with us.

The main goal of Moroccotoptrips is to further improve the efficiency of the company and its competitiveness in the market, which involves purposeful work in many areas:

  • Managing market expectations and improving the performance of the company due to higher sales volumes and differentiation of the tourist product, constant monitoring of the current state of affairs in the market, and prompt adjustment of plans.
  • Ameliorating the quality of company management role through effective planning AND improving the accuracy of performance forecasts.
  • Working following the highest world standards, and introducing innovative tourism technologies is important to move forward.

Moroccotoptrips allows you to book with confidence. We are present on TripAdvisor and our page has more than 140 positive reviews which reflect the satisfaction of our clients.


Morocco Top Trips is a travel agency specialized in private tours and vacation packages. We plan holiday trips for individuals and groups with the best travel deals. We have a variety of holiday destinations and our trips are flexible and customisable to make the best of your adventure tours.


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