The 10 most beautiful beaches of Morocco

Country of the desert, Morocco also attracts for its beautiful infinite beaches and its hot water. It is an ideal destination to combine adventure, for example camel riding in the dunes of the Sahara, trekking in the high mountains, cultural discoveries and relaxing on the beach. Walking on fine sand, swimming in the ocean or the sea, surfing, sunbathing or collecting beautiful shells… Here is our guide to the most beautiful beaches in Morocco:


A favorite getaway for Casablanca residents, the coast of Essaouira is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in North Africa. These endless sandbanks attract many tourists during the warm season. Many go there for water sports, especially surfing, as the ocean waves are particularly beautiful.


Another destination near Casablanca, Oulidia is particularly appreciated for its calm water. The Atlantic Ocean beats strongly on the Moroccan coast. But in Oulidia, you can swim in a lagoon, protected from the waves by a natural rock barrier. It’s an exceptional setting that awaits you, with beautiful yellow beaches, seaside restaurants offering the best fish and seafood in the country, boat trips on the lagoon to observe the local fauna or even surfing lessons on the small calm waves of the lagoon. On the other side of the lagoon, fishermen go out to sea braving big waves, a sight worth seeing.


While it’s not always easy to swim at Legzira, where the waves hit hard, it’s a great place for surfing and romantic walks at the end of the day. Surrounded by high steep cliffs, Legzira beach and its golden sand offers a spectacular landscape. The waves have carved arches in the cliffs that remind the landscape of Normandy, but in ochre and red colors. A real beauty!


Agadir is one of the most popular destinations for Moroccans. Not far from the big cities along the Atlantic Ocean, the beach of Agadir allows you to rest with your family and in complete safety, because here the waves are not strong. The beach receives a record amount of sunshine and is protected from the wind, which makes it really pleasant. But in high season, it is really crowded!


If you want to enjoy the warm and calm Mediterranean Sea, there is nothing like going to the coastal city of Al-Hoceima. Its most famous beach is Quemedo, located right next to a large cliff that cuts through the waves to offer a turquoise paradise to bathers. Obviously, it is not a wild beach and it is very popular with vacationers. It is surrounded by large hotels and water sports centers.


Just outside the city of Tangier, Dalia beach is a favorite resting place for locals. With its white sand and clear water, it attracts many families on summer weekends. You can also admire the fishermen’s boats and their sea outings.


If you want to relax away from the crowds, Nador must be one of the most beautiful places in Morocco. In the northeast of Morocco, this natural region remains very little inhabited, to the delight of vacationers. Its completely wild beaches, surrounded by high cliffs, its small coves hidden from view and its turquoise waters of the Mediterranean are a real paradise for the summer.

The Dragon Island

This is surely one of the most beautiful places in Morocco. The Dragon Island, which is located in the southwest of the country between the Sahara desert and the ocean, is a small deserted island where only a few tourists venture. Take a sailboat or a boat to go there from the mainland and enjoy wild beaches, dunes in the middle of the immense ocean and an unprecedented calm.


Saidia is surely the most famous beach in North Africa. It is the longest in Morocco, 14 kilometers in all, and with its fine sand and its facilities, it attracts many local and foreign holidaymakers. In the north of Morocco on the Mediterranean coast, it has everything of the most beautiful seaside resorts. It is not for nothing that it is called the blue pearl!


If Saidia is the largest developed beach in Morocco, Guelmin is surely de facto the longest beach in the country. Wild, this beach extends over nearly 40 km with its surprisingly white sand. It is located between the ocean and the dunes of the desert, with mountains in the background: a perfect setting for resting or going on an adventure, on a quad for example. It was nicknamed by the Spanish boats as the white beach, and you will quickly understand why.


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