Visit Morocco 

Visit Morocco and discover the most beautiful cultural and historical sites. Morocco is located on the North West coast of Africa. It has ports in the North Atlantic Ocean as well as the Mediterranean Sea. It has been one of the most politically stable countries in North Africa which have allowed tourism to develop. Morocco is home to 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites: The Roman site of Volubilis, the Historic city of Meknes, Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah, Medina of Essaouira; Old Medina of Fez, Marrakech, Tetouan, El Jadida, and Historic city of Rabat.

Visit Morocco

Enjoy the sunset and sunrise in the Sahara Desert

Every Traveler desires to enjoy the spectacular Natural sights of Sunset and Sunrise in the Sahara Desert. Morocco Top Trips and Tours will take you to the most beautiful and extraordinary landscape backdrops for the best performance of the sun in the two amazing Sahara Deserts that Morocco is known for and one of the best places to visit in Morocco.

The Sahara desert in Merzouga is the dunes of Erg Chebbi. It is the highest and most spectacular dunes in Morocco, it is located in the east of the country near the town of Merzouga. These golden dunes dramatically reach 80 – 150 meters high from the desert floor. They run in a line almost perfectly north/south to the village of Merzouga and beyond, and mark the western fringe of the Sahara Desert, dividing Morocco from Algeria.

In the city of Zagora, there are dunes of Erg Chigaga, which is a more secluded and inaccessible dune which is located in the southeast of the country. The dunes here are more majestic and reach 120-300 meters.

In the Morocco Sahara Desert, you will enjoy the silence all around the desert. Your feet will sink into the sand that is soft as flour, and the wind draws patterns from the sand. Time stops, and you will hear the breath of the desert while enjoying the sunset and sunrise.

Traditional Berber Desert Camp in Sahara

Spending a night in our Traditional Berber Desert Camp is an exceptional experience for our guests. One of the key steps that we prefer to add to our programs with tourists is to give them a magical and unforgettable moment in Desert Sahara.

Accommodation in the desert can be found for every traveler, based on their income and preferences. You can choose between a hotel or a tent. Camps in the desert have a special atmosphere. Each room is a separate private tent, at a decent distance from each other to ensure privacy for the guests.

Enjoy Camel Trekking in Sahara with Our Traveling Agency

Camel Trekking in Sahara
is a significant experience that everyone should have to try while arriving in the desert. When you arrive in Erfoud, you will meet a 4×4 driver who will pick you up in the desert, once you arrive, you can choose whether to continue to the camp by car or riding a camel. Imagine yourself riding a camel, trekking through the desert’s Dune. There is nothing around you, all you can hear are the footsteps of the camel on the golden sand, and the beautiful view of the sunset or the sunrise. For an incredible stay in Sahara, book your private trip with our travel agency.

Visit Berber Nomads Villages in the Desert

For our tours in the South-east of Morocco, especially in Merzouga or Zagora and their extremities, we will have the chance to visit some Berber Nomads’ villages to discover their lifestyle. The Berber Nomads are a group of people who live in the desert of Morocco in north Africa. They are known for their skill in camel breeding and trading, and for their ability to survive in the harsh conditions of the desert. The nomadic lifestyle of the Berber people has been under threat in recent years due to the increasing encroachment of the Sahara desert. Climate change is causing the desert to expand, and the nomads are being forced to find new grazing lands for their animals.

The Berber nomads are a proud and independent people and have a long history, they adapted to the modern world, but have managed to retain their traditional lifestyle. The Berber nomads are fascinating people, and their way of life is an important part of the cultural heritage of Morocco and North Africa.

Explore Mosque Hassan II in Casablanca

Hassan II mosque is a beautiful building located in Casablanca, Morocco. It is the largest mosque in Africa and the third largest in the world. It was designed by the French architect “Michel Pinseau” who had lived in Morocco. The mosque was built to honor King Hassan II, who died in 1999.

The work started on July 12, 1986, and it take seven years for construction to get completed and ready as a gift for Hassan II’s 60th birthday. During the most intense period of construction, 1400 men worked during the day and another 1100 during the night. 10,000 artists and craftsmen participated in building and beautifying the mosque. It is a beautiful example of Islamic architecture and has a stunning view of the Atlantic Ocean.

Travel and Visit Morocco: Ait Ben Haddou Kasbah

Ait Ben Haddou is a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Morocco. It is a fortified city that was once an important trading point along the caravan route between the Sahara Desert and the Mediterranean Sea.

Most citizens attracted by the tourist trade live in more modern dwellings in a village on the other side of the river, although there are four families still living in the ancient village. Inside the walls of the Ksar (Kasbah) are half a dozen merchant houses and other individual dwellings that are made up of a series of mud-brick which is a great example of earthen clay architecture, which is also used in Moroccan Architecture.

Ait Ben Haddou has been and is still a place that attracts film producers around the world. It is used as a filming location for several films and television shows, including The Mummy, Gladiator, and Game of Thrones. The city is a popular tourist destination, and it is possible to stay overnight in one of the traditional mud-brick houses.

Trips to explore Hassan Tower in Rabat

Hassan Tower, Rabat

when you plan to visit Morocco, the Hassan Tower is one of the famous places in Rabat that you need to visit. Hassan Tower is part of a mosque and was built in 1195. The tower is 44 meters tall and is the oldest standing minaret in the world. Hassan Tower is a minaret of an incomplete mosque in Rabat. Begun in 1195, the tower was intended to be the largest minaret in the world along with the mosque. It was also intended to be the world’s largest. In 1199, Sultan Yacub Al-Mansur died and construction on the mosque stopped.

Chefchaouen: The Moroccan Blue City

When you plan to visit Morocco, don’t miss Chefchaouen the blue city. It derives from the Berber word for horns, Ichawen, because the shape of the mountain tops above the town looks like the two horns of a goat. Approximately two hundred hotels are catering to the summer influx of European tourists.

This city is the hallmark of Morocco and one of those places that you should visit at least once in your life. You can wander endlessly along the sky-blue streets of Chefchafuen discovering new shades of blue. Perhaps, near one of the old houses, it will be possible to find the answer to the question of why almost all the buildings of Chefchaouen are painted only in blue and blue tones.

Jemaa El Fna in Marrakech

Marrakesh is one of the best cities to visit in Morocco. Jamaa el Fna (also Jemaa el-Fnaa, Djema el-Fna, or Djemaa el-Fnaa) is a square and market place in Marrakech’s Medina Quarter (old city). It remains the main square of Marrakesh, used by locals and tourists.

On Jemaa al-Fna in Marrakech, there is a trail of the Ancient mystical centuries. that attracts tourists. The noise does not stop in the square until midnight. Street performers, jugglers, storytellers, and snake charmers perform, and national music sounds and dances all create a unique local flavor. As Paul Bowles noted that “without its famous square, magnificent Marrakech would be an ordinary city”.


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