7 Best Things to Do in Tangier

Sightseing view of Tangier
While, the sightseeing, and activities in Morocco, Tangier has lot in store for tourists. It is a melting pot of various cultures. Whether it is a proposed Morocco trip or you are looking for any travel resource, Tangier feature the right thing for any traveler. Throw yourself into that diverse culture, discover the most recognizable sights, enjoy the views over Tangier’s beaches. Here follows the list of 7 most essential things to try in Tangier in order to create an unforgettable trip.

1-Exploring the Medina of Tangier

The Medina of Tangier is one of the Best Things to Do in Tangier

The first spot in our 7 best things to do in Tangier is the unique Medina, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is home to the vibrancy of Tangier, it is first and foremost known as Tangier Medina, Tangier old town or simply medina of Tangier. Stick out to your mind a mysterious narrow paved streets are everywhere. You will see not only the ancient buildings but also daily life goes on in the markets.

Embrace history by roaming through the Medina lanes which becomes evident every turn you take as hidden treasures are revealed in each nook and crack. Feel the beckoning call of the mesmerizing façades of centuries-old buildings, adorned with vivid tiles, imposing doorways, and intricately-detailed carving works. The Medina of Tangier is the magic of this city backbone connected with its cultural root and blend of Arab, Berber, and European legacies.

2-Visiting the Kasbah Museum

One of the best ways of appreciating the alluring history and cultural Tangier is by visiting the Tangier Kasbah Museum. Serving as the museum’s home in Tangier’s Kasbah neighborhood, a guided tour of Tangier through the ages will be an interesting experience exposing to the multicultural past of the city.

The museum tour winds to a wonderful rooftop panoramic view. This affords a magnificent view of the Tangier cityscape with the mediterranean sea glittering in the distance. You also should have a beauty contest with downtown District where it is necessary stronghold for protecting city against enemy.

Whether you are a history buff or you simply want to learn about the intriguing tradition of Tangier, a visit to the Kasbah Tangier Museum should be on your calendar. Now take a step into the past by roaming through the halls of the museum, looking at the magnificent relics from the distant past, and grow a deeper sense of the history of the city.

3-Enjoying the Beaches of Tangier

Dalia Beach

Take advantage of the sandy beaches that are studded with picturesque scenery of serenity in Tanger to bask in the sun and enjoy the beach. At the end of beautiful Tangier beaches and rich shoreline Tangier provides such a diverse list of activities, ranging from water sports and leisure to swimming and lounging on the waterfront. As such, to those who love the sea and shore, it provides that perfect destination!

Whatever kind of sports activities you like in water, from swimming in the shiny waters, sunbathing on the golden sands, or playing water sports, Tangier has it, whether fun or adrenaline based. The Tangier coastline presents lengthy dish bars for swimming, water skiing, paddle boarding and beach volley with much to your pleasure.

If you are looking for serene and quieter portion of Tangier’s shoreline, follow it out to the sandy area.  Tangier has a range of beaches that will fit the taste of every visitor. From secluded somewhat hidden beaches with calm waters to lively beaches that offer a vibrant atmosphere there is a beach to suit everyone’s mood.

4-Exploring Tangier’s Caves

Cave of Hercules

Push yourself to the limits of the city and among the hidden charm of the Tangier caves. One cannot miss out on visiting these natural attractions which are appealing to both the nature lovers and adventure chasers.

Do not hesitate to take a ride to Hercules cave, which is only a few minutes away from the town by car. Looking up, you will be thrilled by the sight of the majestic stalacites and the stalacmites hanging overhead . Cave’s extraordinary formations enchant visitors with its amazing palette thus, leaving people mesmerized with nature’s artistic creativity and innovation.

If you need a little change in the typical cavern experience, go to Cap Spartel. Over here a very special place now where Atlantic Ocean meets with the sweetly quiet Mediterranean Sea. This mergence of two miraculous bodies of water into one is an impressive scene that is really unforgettable. It is up to you decide to see the large Hercules Cave or explore the breath-taking beauty of Cap Spartel. 

5-Shopping in Tangier’s Markets

Souks of Tangier

Come shopping in Tangier’s flashy markets and souks. Tangier is the city that has reputation for being one of major shopping centers where people lose themselves in a world of bright colors,  enchanting smells and traditional Moroccan craftsmanship.

One of the 7 best things to do in Tangier is to visit Grand Socco, a large square that is a key access bridge to the Medina. There will be varied of stalls where you can buy everything from fresh vegetables to traditional goods. Just ideal for a taste of a real daily life of Tangier and markets’ dynamic, obviously.

This lively market is famous for its traditional Moroccan handcrafts, hot shops, and cozy cafes. Discover the secrets of Tangier souks, find new treasures and let a the beautiful Moroccan culture take you home.

6-Discovering Tangier’s Art and Culture

A traditional Store in Tangier with a set of old dishes

one of the 7 best things to do in Tangier is to saturate yourself in the colorful art and history of Tangier, which is famous for its creative soul and enriched legacy of learning. Tangier, rich cultural life isn’t just limited to painting and sculpture but also extends to new artistic forms that accurately reflect Tangier’s dynamic lifestyle.

You too can walk the streets of Tangier and discover its art galleries or you can simply get inside and immerse yourself in some really great artwork. These galleries not only present a range of national and international works in different styles from diverse artists but different mediums such as drawings, abstract paintings, photography and sculpture. The combination of present contemporary pieces with traditional Moroccan art give art lovers the chance to appreciate the different information. Hesitate not to come check them out and latch on to the incredible narratives of the artists behind those amazing pieces.

7-Delicious Cuisine in Tangier

Delicious Cuisine in Tangier is one of the 7 Best Things to experience In Tangier

It is worth to be one of  the 7 best things to do in Tangier because  the rich Tangierian culinary tradition is in turn actually a reflection of its cultural diversity. From aromatic flavors in the tagines to cereal couscous changed through the lens of Moroccan, Arabic, and Mediterranean cuisine, the cuisine of Tangiers is a fine fusion of these three styles. 

Besides that, please give chebakia a try, which is a pastry soaked in honey and garnished with sesame seeds. Msemen, which is a flaky pancake served with honey or jam, is also one of the Carolina favorites. At the end of the day, (call it an ending note if there is one intro above) eating out in Tangier is a gastronomical trip but not solely into Moroccan cuisine.

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At the end of your reading of this 7 best things to do in Tangier, you will surely get rich in Memories from this miraculous Moroccan city. As much as it is aesthetic, it is also culturally enriching. There are plenty of gold mines here for everyone.

Scarce will be fans of history who hide their pleasure in exploring the labyrinth of Tangier, filled with legends of its bygone time. Sun worshippers can be at the beachfront and relax on the city’s lovely seashore, sharing the sun, and get several shore activities.What are the arts and culture are your passions? Then, Tangier will never let you down. Its art galleries, museums and living art performances shed the light on the city’s vibrant creative community. Not only the city itself has a lot to offer, but also the stunning natural feature besides the city—visiting the breathtaking caves near Tangier or the beautiful scenery of junction of the two seas at Cap Spartel will be unforgettable.  This is because Tangier is the most ideal spot to have an unforgettable Moroccan adventure. Set your bags and start celebrating the amazements that would soon be in your grasp!

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