Best Things to Do in Merzouga

A Group of Tourists Enjoying a Camel Trek in Merzouga Desert

Is the vision of being swallowed by the immense beauty of Sahara Desert visiting you in your dreams? The center of Morocco is a place where the adventure of a lifetime awaits. Merzouga is the place where you can fulfill your dreams and the desert is your battlefield.

As for the top things to do in Merzouga, myriad of alternatives are here. The Moroccan treasure also provides you with striking activities ranging from firming the mysteries sand dunes to thrilling desert tours that you will dive deep into the yearning of more experiences.

Merzouga is a place which you will never forget. Its wonders of nature and living culture will submerge you in a magic realm where time stops and wonders fill the air. Then, pack your bags, begin the journey to Merzouga, and let your soul fly in such a lovely Moroccan paradise.

Merzouga and especially our Morocco Top Trips agency  welcomes all kinds of travelers: those who are looking for peaceful rest, those who seek for active adventure, and those who want to enjoy unity with nature. Prepare to discover the top activities to do in Merzouga and let the wonder of the Sahara stimulate your senses. The journey of life is about to start .

1-Camel Trekking in Merzouga

Camel Trekking in Merzouga is One of the Best Things to Do in Merzouga

Discover the mesmerizing splendor of Merzouga through the eternal art of camel trekking. When you start off on this desert adventure while having one of these Morocco Tours, we will be take you to a land of enchanting sand dunes and captivating sceneries. Under the expert guidance of the local nomads who are familiar with the routes, you will ride these stunning animals through the Sahara, creating a unique bond as you cross the golden sands.

Camel trekking in Merzouga is an experience in nomadic life presenting you with an opportunity to interact with the Berber culture that has survived the desert for centuries. You will be imbued with a considerable sense of peace and tranquility as you swivel soothingly with the rhythm of the camel, this being the serenity of the broad plain.

2-Desert Camping 

Desert Camping in Merzouga

Bathe in the fascinating experience of desert camping in Merzouga, one of the most adventurous activities in this part of the world, and feel the wonder of the Sahara Desert. Sleep in the open under the massive, starry sky, with the serenity of the dunes in every direction. Pitch your camp on the golden sands and enjoy the peaceful desert as you sit and relax in mother nature’s soothing lap. Camping in the desert in Merzouga takes you away from it all, giving you the perfect chance to commune with the earth and renew your senses in a location where the memories will last a lifetime.

3-Sunset and Sunrise Watching

Sunset and Sunrise Watching in Merzouga

Enjoy the magical moments of sunrise and sunset in the vast desert of Merzouga. When the sun goes down over the horizon or rises behind the dunes, the sky becomes a wonderful picture of bright colors, which consequently remain in the memory. Get brilliant photographs of this enchanting landscape, preserving nature’s performance of a desert spectacle. Basking in the sunlight in the morning or evening,  a unique beauty of Merzouga  will amaze you .

4-Visit KhamliaVillage

Visit Khamlia Village and Listen Gnawa Music





Enjoy one of the top things to do in Merzouga, by touring the village of Khamlia, which is located close by. This is the place where you can submerge yourself in the colorful culture and generous hospitality of the Gnawa people. Appreciate traditional music performances that echo through hundreds of years old rhythms and tunes, a special look into this indigenous community’s culture. Discover the one-of-a-kind customs and rituals of the Gnawa folk, learning about their spiritual considerations and cultural habits. Interact with local artisans who masterfully make traditional handicrafts, giving you the chance to admire their artistry and help them in sustaining their lives. A trip to Khamlia Village guarantees an exciting cultural trip that will make you remember the Moroccan hospitality and the culture.

5-Photography Tours

Photography Tours

Take up a photography tour in Merzouga, which is one of the best activities to do in the area, and immortalize the desert landscape. Wander around the hidden gems and find special places with amazing vantage points for fantastic framings. Release the inner artist within you as you compose the golden sand, imposing dunes, and limitless horizons- making eternal what the desert represents to you through your camera. If you have been taking pictures for a while or are just a photography enthusiast, our photography tour will provide you with an unforgettable experience with fountains of inspiration and awe.


Sandboarding in Merzouga Sahara Desert

Get ready for an unforgettably stimulating sandboarding! Climb the sandy summits and enjoy the glide as you slide the dunes and surrender to the excitement of the race. A sandboarding experience in Merzouga is an excellent adrenaline  adventure while enjoying the beautiful surroundings. Start our 10 days trip from Marrakech and dive into the activity you will never forget. Be a part of the adventure offered by Morocco Top Trips featuring thrill and natural beauty. Book now and write an exciting page in the story of your Moroccan voyage!

7-Quad Biking and Dune Exploration

Quad Biking and Dune Exploration

Do you seek adventure and want an adrenaline rush experience in Merzouga? These dunes of this Moroccan destination are best explored when quad biking is chosen. Get on the strong quad bike to feel the ride as you drive across the sand dunes, moving in a direction of the desert, with enthusiasm and adrenaline.

Even as you set off for your Merzouga quad biking escapade, remember to enjoy all the majestic panoramic views of the dunes. The undulating terrain extends as far as the eye can see, providing the perfect scenery for your exhilarating ride. Let the wind brush your cheeks as you overcome the sandy slopes, remain at one with the peculiar beauty of the desert.

Apart from quad biking, Merzouga offers dune exploration which will let you better soak in the wonder of the Sahara landscapes. Explore the hidden jewels of the desert as you move away from the open road to discover the secrets and marvels  in the depths of the golden sand.

Merzouga offers an unforgettable adventure whether you select quad biking or dune exploration in the heart of Morocco. Thus, prepare  yourself and adopt the spirit of adventure and be ready to create memories that will stay forever.


Evidently, Merzouga is a place of a variety of unforgettable experiences that can be had by every tourist. Whether you opt for camel trekking in the magical sand dunes, or wish to spend a night camping under the stars, the Sahara Desert has a lot to offer to those seeking to explore the natural beauty and rich culture of this Moroccan jewel.

If you want an adventure, quad biking in the sandy areas and exploring the dune would do the job for you. The panorama and little known wonders of the desert are yet to be revealed.

So why wait? Travel to Merzouga and, once there, get ready to be amazed by the stunning vistas, absorb the rich culture, and make unforgettable memories. Do not lose the wonder of the Sahara. Begin organizing your Merzouga expedition now!

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