Morocco Jewish Tours

The Morocco Jewish Tours can start from Marrakech, Casablanca, or Tangier, offering a unique exploration of Morocco’s most important Jewish sites. We provide flexibility in customizing your itinerary, catering to preferences for an 8-day Jewish heritage tour or extending your journey for a more in-depth 3 weeks. This is a 13-day immersive journey through the Jewish heritage in Morocco. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, please note that all our tours are private and customizable.

Discover Morocco’s rich Jewish history with Morocco Top Trips, a travel agency crafting personalized itineraries for an immersive experience in the country. Generally welcoming to Jewish travelers, Morocco has witnessed a decrease in its Jewish community size over the years due to emigration. Nonetheless, historical sites, synagogues, and Jewish quarters continue to attract those intrigued by the cultural and historical facets of Morocco’s Jewish legacy.

Jewish heritage tours typically delve into the historical, cultural, and religious sites associated with Jewish communities in a specific region or country. These tours aim to provide participants with insights into the rich history, traditions, and contributions of Jewish communities over the years. Common elements of such tours include visiting historical synagogues for exploring significant architectural landmarks, exploring Jewish quarters (Mellahs) in historic cities known for their unique architecture and cultural elements, touring Jewish cemeteries to understand historical contexts, and visiting museums and cultural institutions dedicated to preserving and showcasing the history and heritage of Jewish communities.

Arrive at Casablanca airport. Meeting with the driver of Morocco Top Trips, then transfer to your hotel to relax before we take a short sightseeing tour of Casablanca, the economic capital of Morocco and the country’s most cosmopolitan city. We will visit the Hassan II Mosque – one of the largest mosques in the world.

Overnight in Casablanca

Casablanca has been home to a significant Jewish population, boasting numerous sites of historical and cultural importance for those intrigued by Jewish heritage.

Begin your exploration with a visit to the Museum of Moroccan Judaism, providing a comprehensive overview of the Jewish community’s history and culture in Morocco. Explore the Jewish cemetery, a testament to the enduring Jewish presence in the city. Delve into the rich history of Temple Beth-El, one of Casablanca’s main synagogues, and take a leisurely stroll through the Mellah, the historic Jewish Quarter, to admire its architecture and immerse yourself in the area’s cultural heritage. We will have a visit to the Slat Alfassiyine Synagogue before leaving for Rabat, the capital of Morocco.

Overnight in Rabat

After breakfast in your hotel or riad, we will start our guided tour to visit Mellah, the Jewish quarter in Rabat. Then, we will explore Chellah, an ancient Roman and medieval Muslim necropolis. Visit the Jewish cemetery, where tombstones offer insights into the local Jewish community’s history. Our tour will also include Udayas Kasbah and Hassan Tower, providing a comprehensive exploration of Rabat’s cultural and historical gems.

After lunch, we’ll drive to Meknes for a quick tour of its Jewish heritage. You’ll explore the Jewish quarter with its charming narrow streets and colorful courtyards. This is a special place where people go on pilgrimages, and it’s where the tomb of Rabbi David Benmidan is located.

Overnight in Fes.

Fes is renowned for its rich history, vibrant culture, and diverse heritage, particularly notable in medieval Jewish history. The city was home to Rabbi Isaac Alfasi, an influential Talmudic scholar. Recognized for its historical significance and once-thriving Jewish community, which openly celebrated Jewish life, Fes is undoubtedly a must-see city for all Jewish travelers.

During your guided Tour of Fes, you will explore Jewish heritage sites, including tours of synagogues, visits to medieval universities and cemeteries, and sightseeing in the Mellah, and the Royal Palace.

The Mellah in Fes is the historic Jewish Quarter, established in the 15th century and one of the oldest in Morocco. Despite a reduced population, it retains synagogues, old houses, and a unique atmosphere. Fes also houses a Jewish cemetery, showcasing centuries-old tombs and testifying to the enduring Jewish presence in the city. Another noteworthy synagogue in Fes is Slat Alfassi, celebrated for its mosaics and intricate design, reflecting the city’s historical and cultural fusion.

Later, visit Ibn Danan Synagogue, a renowned 17th-century structure known for its impressive architecture, beautifully decorated interior with carved woodwork, and a collection of Torah scrolls.

After lunch, explore the old medina of Fes, navigating vibrant alleyways filled with colorful shops offering leather products, metal souvenirs, Brass Lamps, and woven cloth. Optionally, you can visit the University of Al-Kairaouine, recognized in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s first educational institution.

Overningnt in Fes

After breakfast in your riad, drive to Sefrou. Along the road, you can stop to discover Bhalil cemetery, once populated significantly by Morocco’s Jews. Half of Sefrou’s population and Mellah’s buildings can still be explored. The white-walled medina of Seffrou retains Jewish housing with distinctive wooden balconies. Here, Muslims and Jews lived harmoniously side by side, practicing their religious rituals in unison—an excellent example of interfaith dialogue in Morocco.

After visiting Sefrou, we will leave to Merzouga, It is one of the longest journeys, around 7hrs drive, but with the change of landscapes, we will enjoy the time. On the way, we will stop at Ifrane which has a European nature and climate, parks with lakes and chalets, a ski resort, and an abundance of snow in winter giving the town the nickname “Moroccan Switzerland”. In the vicinity of Ifrane, we will be able to admire the majestic Atlas cedars and feed the wild monkeys on our way to Azrou. The monkeys are friendly, they like when someone feeds them. Lunch stop in Midelt. Further, our path will run through the gorge and the valley of the Ziz River, and as we approach Er-Rashidiya, the landscape will change to a desert one.

After reaching Erfoud, if time permits, we can visit the Jewish cemetery and next to it, the shrine of Rabbi Shmuel Abu Hatziera.

Overnight will be in Merzouga

In the morning, after having breakfast at the hotel, we will meet the 4×4 driver for an excursion in the dunes. We’ll have a cup of tea with the Berber Nomads in the desert, observing their lifestyle. Later, we’ll visit Khamilia Village to enjoy a Gnaoua performance. In the afternoon, we’ll embark on camel rides to the desert camp, featuring comfortable beds, individual showers, and toilets. At night, a Moroccan dinner will be served, accompanied by drumming around the fire and songs by Berbers. Additionally, we’ll marvel at the stars in the clear sky.

Overnight in a Luxury Desert Camp

Depart from Merzouga and head towards Rissani, known for its thrice-weekly souk on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, attracting locals from surrounding villages for their market needs. This souk is renowned for its good quality dates and dry spices. Next, Tinghir, famous for its stunning canyon, offers a leisurely walk through the Todra Gorges or opportunities for rock climbing.

Continuing the itinerary, we reach the Dades Valley. After lunch, a visit to the Dades gorges and a short walk are scheduled. Moving on to the Valley of the Roses, famed for the Damascene Rose Festival in May, where cooperatives in Klaat Mgona produce sweetly scented organic cosmetic articles.

In Skoura and its Oasis, the Kasbah Amerdil awaits for an insightful visit if time permits, providing a glimpse into multi-generational Berber habitation. Beautifully restored, the Kasbah, made entirely of adobe, serves as an excellent example of traditional construction—warm in winter and cool in summer due to its thick walls.

Overnight in Ouarzazate

Ouarzazate is a city in Morocco known for its stunning landscapes, historical sites, and vibrant culture. We will take a short drive to The Ksar of Ait Benhaddou, a UNESCO World Heritage site. This ancient fortified village with its well-preserved kasbahs has been featured in numerous films. Explore the narrow streets and climb to the top of the kasbah for panoramic views of the surrounding area. Enjoy a relaxing tea break in one of the local cafes, soaking in the atmosphere of this historic site.

Overnight in Taroudant

Then, we drive west to Taznakht, famous for its High-end Berber carpets, where you can witness the ancient art of Berber rug and carpet making. We shall also stop here for lunch. We continue west, crossing the Tizi N Ikhsane and Tizi N Tighatine passes before stopping in Taliouine. This is the heart of Morocco’s saffron-growing, and there is a fascinating little government-run museum about saffron horticulture. The road takes us to Taroudant, where a beautiful authentic riad offers dinner and the night’s rest.

The Jewish community in Taroudant has a rich history and a notable presence that has played a significant part in the town’s history and well-being. Taroudant houses a Jewish Mellah and a Jewish cemetery where Saint David Ben Baruk Cohen Azog (Barroukh) is buried. Here, you will have the chance to discover one of the only adobe synagogues in the world. This unique 700-year-old adobe-built synagogue in Azran features Hebrew prayers painted on its walls and an ark with Berber writing.

The journey from Taroudant to Essaouira takes you through diverse landscapes, from the ancient city of Taroudant to the coastal charm of Essaouira. Explore Taroudant’s historic medina, known for its ancient city walls and souks. It is also recognized for its local crafts, including jewelry and Berber rugs, setting it apart from Marrakesh. Taroudant’s massive ramparts remain intact.

Overnight in Essaouira

Essaouira, a coastal city in Morocco, boasts a rich history that includes a Jewish presence. While the Jewish population in Essaouira may not be as prominent today, the city still bears the remnants of the historical influence of the Jewish community. Essaouira, like many Moroccan cities, features a Mellah, a Jewish quarter characterized by narrow streets, historic buildings, and a synagogue. The Mellah offers insights into the historical coexistence of diverse communities.

You will on a guided Jewish heritage tour of Essaouira, exploring the Jewish quarter established in the 18th century when Jews constituted a significant portion of the town’s population. Although Essaouira once had over 25 Jewish synagogues, only a few remain today.

One of the most notable synagogues in Essaouira is Slat Lkahal, also known as the Simon Attias Synagogue. It stands as one of the few active synagogues in Essaouira and is occasionally open to visitors, reflecting the city’s Jewish heritage with historical significance. Essaouira is also home to Jewish cemeteries where tombstones with Hebrew inscriptions mark the final resting places of members of the Jewish community. 

Overnight in Essaouira

After breakfast at your Riad in Essaouira adn when you ready to leave, we will our tour driving to Marrakech. Along the way, we passed many Berber villages, making a stop at feminine cooperative of Argan Oil. This presents a great opportunity to learn the traditional process of making argan oil in Morocco and is an occasion for those interested in purchasing some cosmetic products based on argan oil. You might even witness and photograph the rare sight of goats climbing into the argan branches to devour the leaves and argan nuts.

Upon arrival in Marrakech, enjoy the afternoon exploring the old medina and vibrant souks. Relax with traditional mint tea on a rooftop terrace overlooking Djemaa El Fna. Dinner awaits at one of Marrakesh’s beautiful kosher restaurants.

Overnight in Marrakech

Marrakech, like many cities in Morocco, has a rich history that includes a Jewish presence, and Marrakesh is one of the four Imperial cities of Morocco and it is considered one of the World’s top-rated and popular destinations. On this Jewish Heritage tour of Marrakech, Begin your tour in the Mellah founded in 1558, which is the historic Jewish quarter of Marrakech, and Jewish souks are all worth visit. Explore the narrow streets, visit local markets, and observe the architecture that reflects the city’s history. Also, visit Synagogue Beth-El, one of the main gathering hubs for the Jews of Marrakesh, can be visited afterwards, followed by a poignant visit to the Miâara Cemetery, the largest Jewish cemetery in the country.

According to time and inclination, you will visit the following places: the Majorelle Gardens, which belonged to Yves St Laurent and is famous for its special shade of blue, the Yves St Laurent Museum, the El Bahia Palace, which means ‘the palace of the beautiful,’ and El Badi Palace. If desired, you can visit the Quranic School, the Ben Youssef Medersa, which used to house some 80 Quranic students, and then Saadian Tombs.

Overnight in Marrakech

Depending on your flight’s departure city and time, you may have free time for shopping for Moroccan souvenirs before heading to the airport in Marrakech or Casablanca. This 13-day Jewish Morocco tour is an example of the historical and cultural tours we offer in Morocco.

If it doesn’t meet your expectations or you have fewer or more days, your curated itinerary awaits—Leave us a message.

Here’s the night-by-night plan for your 13-day Jewish Heritage tour in Morocco:

  • 1 night in Casablanca
  • 1 night in Rabat
  • 2 nights in Fez
  • 2 nights in the Merzouga desert
  • 1 nights in Dades/Ouarzazate
  • 1 night in Taroudant
  • 2 nights in Essaouira
  • 2 nights in Marrakech

For our premium private tours, we offer three levels of packages: Luxury, Premium, and VIP.

The prices are in EURO per person and are based on a private luxury vacation for two people:

  • Luxury Package: 3,990.00 EUR PP
  • Premium luxury: 5,4700.00 EUR PP
  • VIP Package: 6,970.00 EUR PP

Children’s price:

  • Children under 6 years old travel for free.
  • Children under 12 years old receive a 50% discount.
  • Children 12 years and older will be charged the adult rate.

Group Booking Discounts:

  • 10% off for a group of four (4) travelers
  • 15% off for six (6) persons
  • 20% off for groups of ten (10) or more
  • Same family of 4 or more: receives an additional 5% off.

Additional Discounts:

  • Early Bird Special: Enjoy a 10% discount per person when booking four months before the tour.
  • Free Upgrades: Enjoy accommodation upgrades during your destination’s low seasons at no extra cost (February, July, August, November)



  • Pick up from the airport, lodging… in Casablanca
  • Transportation in comfortable air conditioned car 4×4, Mini-van…
  • Multilingual driver/guide
  • Private sightseeing tours with local guides specialized in Jewish heritage tours in Morocco.
  • Fuel and anythings linked to the car and driver
  • Airport transfer (Arrival and departure)
  • 12 nights in good accommodations including luxury desert camp
  • Camel rides to reach the desert camp in Merzouga desert
  • 12 breakfasts
  • 6 dinners: 2 in the desert, 1 in Dades/Ouarzazate, 1 in Taroudant, 1 in a Kosher restaurant in Casablanca, and 1 in Marrakech.
  • 1 Lunch in desert
  • 4×4 excursion in desert
  • Drop off in your Hotel/Riad, Airport …


  • Meals not mentioned
  • Personal expense

Luxury Package:

For our luxury packages, we offer an excellent selection of 4-star to 5-star hotels and Riads.

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  • Riad Diamond in Marrakech
  • Riad Salam Fes in Fes.

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