Luxury Morocco Desert Tours: Experience the Sahara in Style

A Woman Tourist Setting in the Sand Dunes While Having Morocco Desert Tours

Sahara desert is the largest hot desert and occupies 3. 6 million square miles. It is a huge spectacular area ideal for our luxury Morocco desert tour. Here people can observe the incredibly beautiful views of the dunes which remain unchanged.

Book your Morocco Desert Tour or Sahara Desert Tour programs with to have an amazing time. Let yourself drown into the sands and lose yourself under the shining stars. This is how Moroccan Adventure Tours and Luxury Morocco Desert Safaris become an interesting part of your journey.

With a provided sleeping bag, mattress, and blankets, you can comfortably spend a night in the Sahara desert while on our Marrakech Desert Tours. Morocco Top Trips ushers you into the Moroccan deserts relatively in style. Be in comfort in stylish accommodations that completely overstate the Berber way of life & simply let the Sahara cast its spell over you

Discover the Beauty of the Sahara Desert

Camel trekking having Morocco Desert Tours on the Erg Chebbi Dunes

The Moroccan Sahara, they called this place – a giant, amazing expanse of sandy or rocky, friendly to man territory in North Africa. It encompasses the massive Erg Chebbi dunes of bugging Merzouga and quiet oases. Sahara is one of those places that are still preserved and everything there is a work of nature.

Take a Sahara Desert Tour and watch how the color of dunes transforms while at the breaking of the dawn or at dusk. You will visit Merzouga Desert Camps in order to get the idea of the life of the Berber people. This created a calm environment that is located in the middle of a desert.

If you really want to get a little wild, then head to the Erg Chebbi Dunes. These include dune buggies, walking over the dunes’ crest as well as being ideas for captivating views. This experience truly is unforgettable you are going to cherish it for the rest of your life while join in our 10 days tour from marrakech.

Luxury Accommodations in the Heart of the Desert

Camping While having Morocco Desert Tours on the Erg Chebbi Dunes

Let’s go for the glamorous camping trip of your life with our Morocco camping tours. You will be accommodated in our authorized Merzouga Desert Camps which are located right in the desert sand. It is indeed the combination of being cozy and being close to nature. Just think about the idea of Camping on the shore with mirrors of Sahara at night.

Morocco luxury desert tours blend of comfort with the native Berber people. You will have everything you need and sense the atmosphere of real Saharan desert. It’s a unique adventure.

Morocco Desert Tours: Join us on an Unforgettable Adventure

Tourist Kissing the Camel while Joining Morocco Desert Trip

Get ready for an amazing Morocco desert trip by choosing our Guided tours in Morocco. Here you will notice great wonders of nature in the Sahara desert. From dunes of sand to the green nook that is to be found literally, it is indeed a wonder world. It is a place where you can visit the places belong to Berber people and enjoy camel trekking. Our morocco desert tours are cultural nature and luxury tour packages blended at their best.

Tours have proven to be very rewarding, and there is no place better to prove it than on the Saharan desert. You will enjoy beautiful things of desert, from sands to the hidden spots on the sand dunes. You can drive a dune buggy or take an organized trip over the sand dunes and, on the other hand, you can spend your time discovering one of the desert oases. This may look like a camel trekking morocco picture, but it will remain in the heart forever.

Experience how the Berber live through our tours. You will get to learn how they are and more specifically how they manage to keep their culture afloat. There is music, dancing, and opportunities for creating, using one’s own hands. Interacting with Berber people will enable you get a better understanding of Morocco.

Be sure to get help from our stunning team on your trip to Sahara. The tour packages we offer meet what you are looking for- adventure or luxury. Trust me; with our Morocco Desert Tours you guaranteed of enjoying your time in this beautiful part of Africa.

Explore the Enchanting Erg Chebbi Dunes

Erg Chebbi Dunes Kasbah

Travel to the Erg Chebbi dunes, an amazing sight for an immense number of emerging sand mountains. Many formations have been astonishing guests for hundreds of years. Notice how the color of the sand ripples turns, for example at dawn or at dusk the red hue appears on the horizon. Feel the spicy sand, drive a dune buggy, take a walk on the dunes, touch the stars and feel the feeling of the Sahara.

Check the magnificent sand dunes of Erg Chebbi, get lost in the beauty of the most famous place of Morocco – Sahara Desert. High sand hills of Morocco makes you to have the taste of Morocco Desert Tours. This is an extraordinary show of nature’s great works that are always in a unique and constant state of evolution.

Explore the unique Merzouga Desert Camps

Local Berbers Playing Traditional Gnawa on Drums whil your Sahara Desert Tour

Tis up the active Merzouga desert camps. Here you will be able to taste the Berber culture and the Berber warm welcoming at its highest level. You get to listen to good traditional music and dance while taking your good servings of the Moroccan food. Let yourself relax in the middle of the desert, and get welcomed by the friendly Berber people in the stars.

These Merzouga Desert Camps really allowed me to get a good capture of the local flair. You’ll experience actual interaction with Berber people and their ancient culture. You will be more informed about the Berber Culture Tours, and even their position to the society and other deities of the Moroccan desert.

Going for Morocco Desert Tours specifically at the Merzouga desert is an excellent way o experience a luxurious desert vacation. I’m not sure how to describe it, but it can be defined as the combination of today’s living comfort and the understanding of the culture of the country. You can walk through the desert completely in silence, try Non-Moroccan cuisine and communicate with locals-Berbers, who have lived here much longer.

Luxury Camping in the Sahara Desert

Glam up your desert holiday with out Morocco desert Tours in the Sahara. What might be more comfortable and stylish, all wrapped in sparkling dunes?Our Luxury Morocco Desert Safaris turn our Merzouga camps into reality. Accommodation in the house is extremely comfortable with imported and sophisticated bedding and excellent facilities; the rooms en-suite bathrooms are done in the Berber style.

Try to imagine getting up and seeing the sunrise on sandy hills with the hue of gold. That is all you can hear; the soft blowing of the wind in the desert. That is why our options of luxury and comfort, glamping spots, allow you to explore the Sahara in a way that is truly special. They have a combination of the latest facilities with the grace of the Berber people.

Whether it is a couple, wanting a weekend away from the hustle and bustle or a family looking for a family fun adventure, I have got you covered. Thus, our Morocco Glamping Tours allow you to immerse in the Sahara’s appeal with comfort preserved to the maximum. This is the best way to indulge and at the same time be closely connected to this beautiful view.

Marrakech Desert Tours: Combine City and Desert Adventures

Marrakech Desert Tours: Combine City and Desert Adventures

Soothe yourself with the pulse of Marrakech while covering the quietude of Sahara desert. These Morocco tours show not only the vibrant life of Marrakech city but also the calm and peaceful desert. Here, you will have a chance to visit such marvelous sightseeing in Marrakech, and then go deep into the Sahara with an adventurous spirit. This nicely merges Morocco’s culture with its nature.

Marrakech is full of activity, souks, monuments, and vibrancy of the Djemaa el-Fna square. Engage in experiential tourism, especially through the Moroccan food, watch Moroccan craftsmen and artisans at work and with their Morocco products. From dusk till dawn, you will be able to explore very different aspects of this world-renowned city starting from the Koutoubia Mosque and finishing at the Majorelle Gardens.

Next, you can plan for Marrakesh which is also known as the red city followed by the sahara which is full of tranquil dunes and the traditions of the Berber people. Our Marrakech desert tours are well coordinated to take you from the city’s rush to the calmness of the desert. That is where you can really sense Morocco’s Diversity.

Discover how the sand of Erg Chebbi looks like with stars and how it transforms under the effect of sunlight. Desert camps available for you: sleep in tents and have some rest on this fantastic site; you could try camel riding; dune buggies; or just watch the stars. All the while, taking in the calmness of the desert atmosphere, as well as, getting a glimpse of the native culture.

Moroccan Adventure Tours: More Than Just Desert Explorations

Visit Kasbah Ait Ben HAddou

Morocco is much more than the desert, while the desert is part of Morocco I can tell you it has much more to offer. Moroccan Adventure Tours offers a unique way of travelling; from the high snowy atlas mountains to old city states. Get to know Moroccan traditions and traditions, view the colorful bazaars and Hassim families, as well as wadi’s that were once crossed by caravans.

You don’t have to only take the Sahara Desert Tours. Our proposed tours give you a touch of all that Morocco has to offer from scenic rich backgrounds to exotic history. You will have fantastic views of mountain tops capped with snow, beautiful coasts, and not the mundane sandy beaches.

Trek around the difficult High Atlas trails and discover the Berber communities and breathtaking views. One can suggest going to Fez and Marrakech, which are associated with spices and crowded bazaars. The Morocco is truly full of surprises; History buffs will love the Kasbahs and UNESCO Sites for instance.

Meet Morocco’s vibrant arts as the musical and the Berber weaving. To make Morocco that interesting for tourists, he meets local craftsmen, taste real Moroccan dishes, and explore more. Our tours do not end in the desert but experiences and present the core of this lovely nation.

Moroccan Adventure Tours are among the best when it comes to exploring one’s self and learning more about the culture. There is much more to discover beside the desert in Morocco! Some hidden corners and splendid little discoveries.

Camel Trekking Morocco: A Quintessential Desert Experience

Camel Trekking Morocco: A Quintessential Desert Experience

Discover the true essence of the Sahara Desert by going for a camel trekking tour when in Morocco. Start exploring the Morocco Desert Tours on these wonderful looking ships of the desert. Just get ready to take beautiful pictures of the territory and get familiar with the Berber culture. Our camel trekking is a perfect tool to get as close as possible to the Sahara.

While on a camel and crossing the dunes you begin to know this land and its people. It will make your spiritual soul filled with deep peace and excitement by the camel’s pace and views. Your guides will fully brief you on the Berbers, their pre-sect, and how they exist in the Sahara Desert Tours.

Whether you are a thrill seeker or just in a need of some quality time in the desert, you are sorted. There can be no better way than to just live as well in synch with the tempo of the desert and bring home such great memories. We invite you to read more and to come to travel with us – and discover Camel Trekking Morocco in a new way.

Berber Culture Tours: The Moroccan Traditions

Berber Culture Tours: The Moroccan Traditions

Book our Berber Culture Tours and discover moroccan Culture and traditions. Learn about the real life of the Berber people and their traditional music, Identity and Culture thriving in the Sahara Desert. Basically what you will see is Berber villages, their way of living, they will let you try out their artistic works, foods etc. This a good an opportunity to bond with Morocco at heart and understand more of its traditions.

Explore Morocco with Moroccan Adventure Tours for a more up close and personal tour of this North African country. Trekking through the High Atlas Mountains, visiting the kasbahs, and walking through the history of Morocco with ancient cities. This is the two-part reason our tours demonstrate the scenic and cultural richness of Morocco.

They also afford the visitor an opportunity to interact with the indigenous peoples of Morocco, which are the Berber. Well here you will get to see artful people and savor genuine Moroccan cuisines with Berber actors. It is such a creative means to be able to experience Morocco up close.

To explore all this, you can join one of our Desert Tours from Casablanca, Desert Tours from Marrakech, Desert Tours from Fez, or Desert Tours from Tangier. Experience seamless transitions from bustling cities to serene dunes. Enjoy camel treks, Berber camps, and stunning landscapes. Book your Morocco Desert Tour now with Morocco Top Trips!


Travel with us to resolve the enigma of the Sahara with our tours to Morocco desert. Discover the silence of the Erg Chebbi and the active Berber. These tours are about comfort but at the same time adventure and getting to know the folks in their own environment. It will revive your senses and will give you memories of Moroccan desert that one cannot forget in a life time.

Which are you more allure by, the Sahara desert tours or Moroccan luxury adventure? Perhaps you would like to know about the Berber customs. Visit us and our professional travel advisors will tell you the best Saharan trip ever. Begin your wonderful Sahara experience with us now.

Captivate your senses with Morocco’s desert view. Allow our staff to guide you and unveil unexceptional wonders in the Sahara desert.

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